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Visual Literacy and 21st Century Skills


David S. Jakes

Instructional Technology Coordinator

Community High School District 99

Downers Grove, IL  60563




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New Resources

Literacy for the 21st Century: A framework for teaching and learning in the Media age | Center for Media Literacy




Setting the Stage:  Part 1


Good Morning and Welcome


What would you like to know about visual literacy?

IKEA Movie:  How visually literate are you?

IKEA Movie:  Rewind

What is your definition of visual literacy?


Visual literacy Definition: 21st Century Skills:  Can students interpret, use, appreciate and create images and video using both conventional and 21st Century media in ways that advance thinking, decision-making, communication and learning.

In my opinion, visual literacy is composed of three discrete skills:  navigating, evaluating, and communicating (create and mashup) in the context of visual imagery.


Most of you have seen Google Earth.  But have you seen this?  (Googlelittrips.com) Or this?  And what happens when YOU can create the visual map?


What happens when you see something like thisOr this?


Does the number 1055233203 (Flickr.com number of images) have any meaning?  What do you do with an image like this?

And what happens when everyone can do this-and your local newspaper starts accepting visual letters to the editor?

And as an educator, what happens when you can create a lesson with a resource like this?

And tap into the technology skills that kids have as evidenced by Episode 8 of Dylan's Couch (Views: 1,058,344, Comments: 3578 Favorited: 1799 times).


Cisco Video 1:  Welcome to the Human Network


Part 2:Communicating Visually in the 21st Century:  A Visual Literacy Framework


What exactly is the rationale or framework for the inclusion of visual literacy instruction in education, as it relates to life-long learning?  See the Communicating Visually link directly above.


Color, text and design principles can be found at this link:  Visual literacy design principles



Part 3: Visual Literacy in the Classroom-an activities continuum based on my definition of visual literacy, with resources for each component of the definition.


Navigate:  kids have to be able to find stuff.


Flickr Creative Commons Search


Creative Commons Search

Flickr Storm


Evaluate: kids have to seek meaning in images.


Single image analysis and interpretation | iamChrisJett Homeless photo


How Big is a...


CancerQuest | A Tale of Two Telegrams | Civil Rights Quest | DesignQuest

Technology Best Practice.doc


Google Earth | Darfur | Vietnam Study | USGS San Francisco Earthquake | GoogleLitTrips


Communicate: kids have to use images to create meaning, by telling stories, creating content, and contributing.




Sandburg meets Flickr



Flickr tools at BigHugeLabs |Images for successories poster

Digital Storytelling | Digital Storytelling resources at Jakesonline.org

Second Life


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